He is an architect by profession and his passion is art. He was born in Barranquilla in February of 1994 under a family of artists.

From an early age, his artistic skills sprung, initially with his figurative style inherited from his mother Daniella Mercado, with which he managed to sell his first painting: “Pelea de gallos” at the age of 13. This style was marking the artistic phase that would last 3 years. Subsequently began the path of abstract expression.

His dream has always been to be the best artist in the world so he devoted daily hours to draw to achieve what is now his own style, based on abstraction with the mixture of figurative and based on black and white. The figurative expression has been inspired by the works of Obregón and the abstract expression of Pollock and Rothko.

Fuad Pumarejo, fuad pumarejo, artista

The meaning of art is the expression of oneself, without rules, without taboos, is what has always been expressed and is observed in the work of the artist, takes as reference the simplicity found in the most elementary colors, white and black with which dares to inspire the population and transmit the message of spirituality, because the white color is light and the black is the absence of this.

Around 3 years ago his life took a different, more spiritual path than he had been until now, by understanding and integrating what he had learned with the study of Kabbalah daily and confronting the situations of his life through prayer. That is why we see religious art represented in some of his works.

By: Yelitza Hernández Díaz

Fuad Pumarejo Arte, Fuad Pumarejo, fuad pumarejo

Artist´s Statement Concept

All people at some point in their life have wondered why they are in this world and what is their role in it, very few people manage to answer that question and most leave it unresolved. It is logical that if that happens With the concept of existence, that also happens with the concept of art. The first thing to understand is the concept of existence, to later understand the concept of the human being, and finally the concept of my art.

What is existence?

Existence is the manifestation of emotions on the physical plane.

How were the emotions manifested on the physical plane?

Through the first emotional conflict that was the big bang .. from that moment all the emotions we know today were manifested.

What are emotions?

Emotions are waves in the universe that are outside the normal balance of the frequency of the universe.

How was man created?

Man was created from the evolution of emotions, but as emotions evolve, man has also evolved, that is manifested through the first expressions of art of our ancestors, which reflected on the walls of the caves their emotional priority of that moment “the daily sustenance through the hunt”. Then, much later, the man reached the peak of emotional evolution with two special characteristics: A desire to join with the creator of the universe and the ability to perceive the other. This manifests itself in history through spiritual monuments and the consolidation of civilizations through technological and artistic advances.

What is the man?

The man is a creator, product of his ability to perceive the other and the desire to join with the creator of the universe make man acquire the characteristics of it.

Being a creator and having a desire to join with a creator, is destined to have a desire to connect with all the people of the planet, which is taking us as we have realized through social networks to be in an increasingly connected world … which will surely reach the point of full adhesion with the creator, this will be manifested through the unification of all the nations and religions of the world.

What is the art?

Art is the manifestation of an emotion … this means that creation, man and everything he does is a work of art.

If the whole universe is a work of art, Why is it difficult to speak of a world peace today?

Indeed the universe is a work of art and for the same reason requires a creative process, that manifests through the evolution of emotions which have as point of evolution the extinction of selfishness.

When selfishness is extinguished, only the expressions of love will remain, which will allow us to pass to the next point of evolution that is world peace.

What is the concept of my art?

The concept of my art is the manifestation of the history of emotional evolution to reach that point of integration with the creator … that’s why in my work you see chaos, disorder, conflict. But in the end all this chaos ends up being rectified and ordered within a context that remains in balance and harmony that is the projection of the future of humanity through the achievement of world peace after a creative process that began with chaos and ended with order, which it manifests itself in love and beauty.